The Tortoise and turtle source is a website committed to helping responsible pet lovers place their tortoises and turtles with caring individuals all around the word. We are more than just a service, The Tortoises and turtle source is a community of Tortoise and turtles lovers whose mission is to make lives better by placing healthy Tortoises and turtle into happy homes. Our brand, with Tortoise and turtles at the center, is rooted in the belief that Tortoise and turtles should be celebrated, and owners deserve to experience trust, confidence and transparency when searching for their new companions.

With a screened and vetted network of responsible breeders, The Tortoise and turtles Source makes fetching your new best friend a simple and enjoyable experience. The Tortoise and turtles Source uses a personalized approach that caters to the needs of those in search of a new friend as well as the breeders who are looking for their Tortoise and turtles for their homes. Each breeder within The Tortoise and turtles Source community is held to the highest standards, with health and safety for all Tortoise and turtles as top priorities. Following a comprehensive, proprietary screening process, less than 10 percent of breeders who begin the The Tortoise and turtles Source review process are invited to join the exclusive community — ensuring that both two- and four-legged friends receive a premium experience that is seamless and quality-driven.