Albino Yellow Bellied Sliders Heterozygous




Heterozygous: Normal looking turtles that carry the gene for albinism.

Double Hets: The parents were different tyes of albino, they carry 2 different sets of genes for albinism. This increases the chance of successfully hatchling an albino turtle from 25%, up to 66%. They will be compatible with the two most common forms of albinism, again greatly increasing your chances of hatching your own albino turtles.

These are green colored Yellow Bellied Sliders that carry the Albino gene 100%.

Yes, that’s right – these are the first Albino Yellow Bellies, anywhere, in the world… We’re now in the second year of hatching pure Albino Yellow Bellies. You can chose from flawless Albino males and females, flawless Hets at more affordable prices – or from a few of each that have an extra shell scute to begin your own breeding project for this amazing new morph – Only at The Turtle Source !

Male Heterozygous for Albino Yellow Bellied Sliders hatched at 77/78 degrees.
Female Heterozygous for Albino Yellow Bellied Sliders hatched at 85/86 degrees.

One parent is a pure Albino Yellow Bellied Slider – the other is a classically colored, normal Yellow Bellied Sliders.