Belize Slider




One of the prettiest of all the sliders, the Belize Slider (Trachemys scripta venusta) ranges from Veracruz Mexico, south through the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize and Honduras. This very colorful slider is very out going and hardy, and will brighten up any tank as a single turtle, as a member of a small group, or as part of a larger community tank.

Belize Sliders do very well on pellets, veggies and some fruits, crickets, super worms and aquatic plants. They love to bask, and do very well in 70 – 80 degree water. The Belize Slider is a good species for keepers just starting out. After several years, they grow fairly large, and make excellent pond turtles in warmer climates.

Please note: The Belize Sliders pictured are several months old. Hatchlings take a few months with proper diet and UVB light to develop their brighter colors