Black Wood Turtle




Black Wood Turtles (Rhinoclemmys funerea) are found in the Marshes, ponds and streams of central America form Nicaragua south all the way to Panama. They are a striking, dark shelled Wood Turtle with yellow highlights on their arms and heads. Some even have faint red head markings.

Just like their American counterparts, Black Wood Turtles love to bask, are very active, and are highly intelligent. Black Wood Turtles love fruits, grasses and vegetables. Ours also take cut meat and particularly enjoy pellets.

This is a perfect species for keepers who want to enjoy North American Wood Turtles, but live in states that protect them. They are very similar in behavior and size (growing just slightly larger). They are also very out going and personable just like North American Wood Turtles. Coming from the warmer climates, they do need to be inside in colder months (below 50 degrees at night). Also like NA Woods, they enjoy varied terrain, shallow to deep water, and make good use of land.

There are no restrictions on shipping Black Woods to range states for North American Wood Turtles.