High Colored Florida Chicken Turtles




One in every fifty turns out to be one of these High Colored Florida Chicken Turtles. Pictured Chicken Turtles are well started juveniles from a high colored group that we are working with. Their care is the same as for normal Chicken Turtles and follows:

One of the two North American snake necks, (Blanding’s being the other), Chicken turtles use their long necks and specialized throats and mouths to suck in or snap up food. While adults will eat some plant matter, all sizes will take fish, pellets, insects, meat and crustaceans.

Chicken turtles bask often but are the first back in the water when approached. Juveniles are excellent tank turtles, and adults do well in outdoor ponds in summer months, or year round in warmer climates. Many adults adjust to captivity slowly, and acquiring established individuals is the key to success.