High Yellow North American Wood Turtles




13 Years ago we hatched a North American Wood Turtle that had lots of yellow coloration on it’s shell and skin. She grew up to be a very pretty yellow female. The last three years, she’s had nice clutches of eggs that all hatched out with the same very yellow coloration. The father may well have been different each year, which suggests that the yellow trait may be dominant. The blood lines in our colony have no Michigan back round, so this coloration has nothing to do with the well known Michigan Yellow Woods. Each year, the hatchlings are noticeably yellow and get more so as they get older. Our photos show the mother and some of her March 2007 off spring. They are already larger than our other yearlings. Their care is the same as for North American Wood Turtles, and follows.

North American Woods have tremendous personalities. In intelligence tests, this species tests higher than some mammals. They learn very easily, and very quickly. They are great in groups. They will do well in mostly aquatic tanks, or on mostly land, depending upon your set up. Clean, chlorinated tap water is perfect for this species that inhabits clean, cold mountain streams.

North American woods are all- terrain turtles, they are excellent climbers, they will burrow into mud, they like to bask, and they like to swim, even diving to the bottom for food, exploration, or to sleep.

Juveniles are mostly carnivores, taking insects, meat, pellets and anything that moves. Adults will also take most fruits and vegetables. It is virtually impossible for any size wood to pass up an earth worm.

Truly one of the best species to set up, these turtles reward keepers both in tanks, and in outdoor pens/ponds with many years of both interesting and gratifying experiences. The blood line that we have been working with for many years is particularly high colored, and has been featured both on the cover, and as the centerfold of Reptiles Magazine. One of our females is also the cover animal on Ronald Orenstein’s book: Turtles, Tortoises & Terrapins.

** Please note that North American Wood Turtles are protected through out their range, and can only be shipped to states that they occur naturally in if the recipient has obtained the proper state permit. This includes Maine south to Virginia, and west to Ohio and Michigan. Shipping to non range states does not require any special permits**