Hypo Southern River Cooter




Seven years ago we selected a handful of very pretty Southern River Cooters from a group of 10,000 that were headed overseas. Each of these hatchlings had very bright markings that easily stood out from the rest. They had very light, golden colors, unique patterns, and little or none of the usual belly markings. Several fellow Turtle breeders studied these turtles and agreed that this group was something special.

For several years we raised up the group – they became as tame as family pets – but sadly, there was only 1 male and the rest turned out to be females…

Even as adults, these turtles are brighter and much more impressively patterned than their normal counterparts. As outgoing and friendly as they come, they get along with many other species, they are excellent swimmers and are perfect for warmer, southern ponds. Pellets and greens and plenty of water are all they need to make your pond come to life.