Indian Black Spotted Pond Turtle




Only Available Florida Residents. Apologies, this rare and beautiful species can oly be shipped to residents of Florida.

For eleven years we have worked patiently with this impressive species before hatching our first clutch. One of the world’s most beautiful, and most endangered turtles, Spotted Pond Turtles (Geoclemys hamiltonii) are found along the Indus River of Northern India and Pakistan; and the Ganges River of India and Bangladesh.

In the wild they are reported to readily eat Snails, worms, slugs, tadpoles, fish, salamanders, spiders and fish. Ours have been raised on pellets, fish, beef heart and snails. Once a year, just prior to egg laying season, they will also eat every living plant in their pond. Only kept by a few zoos and one other private breeder, these magnificent turtles are excellent swimmers, love to bask and once accustomed to their keepers, inquisitive and even playful. At every stage of development, I have never stopped being impressed by them. From fast swimming water bugs – literally covered with spots, to graceful, yet powerful adults the size of a large pineapple, best known by their scientific name Geoclemys hamiltonii, they take the keeper’s breath away at every turn…

Intense pressure from the Asian food market has resulted in international protection for this now very rare species. Spotted Pond Turtles are listed as CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) Appendix 1, which is the highest priority. Geoclemys hamiltonii are also covered under the Endangered Species Act. This means that the species is at serious risk of becoming extinct in the wild. Here in the US, these protections mean that our Florida hatched Spotted Pond Turtles, can not cross state lines. All orders must come from Florida residents – with absolutely no exceptions. After seeing troubling photos of these incredible turtles being sold for food in Asia, the need for these protections is very clear. We are very happy to offer the opportunity to keep G. hamiltonii to resident Florida keepers.