Leucistic Mississippi Map Turtle




mississippi map turtle for sale: Only two of these cream white turtles hatched from several hundred thousand in 2007. Yellow shell highlights along with pinkish yellow skin sets them far apart from the normal gray coloration of Mississippi Map Turtles. The contrast with a normal can be seen in the middle photo. They are very well started at almost 3 inches, and are well past the delicate early stages of hatchlings. The care for the Leucistic Mississippi Map Turtles is identical to that of normal Mississippi Map Turtles and follows:

Mississippi Map Turtles are excellent starter turtles, and they make fine community turtles as well. As with most maps, they have very detailed shell and skin patterns. True omnivores, they will take pellets, plant matter, insects, fish, mollusks and earth worms.

Mississippi maps are fond of basking, but quickly dive in when approached. In time, they overcome this instinct and become quite tame. They are very good tank turtles, and adults also do well in outdoor ponds.

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