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baby Pancake tortoise for sale – Humidity

Like all baby tortoises for sale here at the tortoise farm, our pancake tortoises for sale are kept at 75% humidity.  As temperatures drop, so should humidity.  Adult pancake tortoises can be kept closer to 45% humidity and do quite well.  When raised at correct humidity levels, adult pancake tortoises should have perfectly smooth shells.  In the wild, pancake tortoise shells remain extra smooth also as a result of them grinding into rock crevices where they often hide from predatory birds.

pancake tortoise temperature

Temperature for pancake tortoises should be in the area of 85-95 degrees.  For baby African pancake tortoises, we keep the median temp around 88 degrees.  Adult pancake tortoises will need basically the same temperatures as hatchlings with a great degree of variance.  Meaning the hot spot and cold spots should be further apart for adults who need to thermoregulate even more so than pancake tortoise hatchlings for sale.

African Pancake tortoise Habitat

Pancake tortoise habitats can be composed of many different things.  The key is to just have the right temperature and humidity dialed in.  Also, providing the best substrate and some caves for hiding etc.  Be sure to remember that Pancake tortoises for sale can climb very well.  For this reason, we made sure the walls are high and safe.  If you are using a closed top Pancake tortoise habitat, you need not worry about climbing issues.  Keeping your baby pancake tortoise for sale with the right median temperature of 85 degrees with a hot spot of 95 is recommended.  For adult pancake tortoises, we recommend nearly the same however humidity can be lower, as in the 40-45% range.  Like all baby tortoises for sale, baby cakes need humidity!

baby Pancake tortoise Diet

Feeding your pancake tortoise a wide variety of fresh greens and veggies is the best idea.  Here at the tortoise farm, we feed all of our tortoises basically the same “tortoise salad”.  Using a wide variety of greens like Romaine, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Kale, Endive, Squash, Shredded carrots, the occasional tomato, we chop into a nice tortoise salad twice weekly and feed daily.  By chopping everything together it enables your baby Pancake tortoise to consume a wide variety of important vitamins and minerals pivotal for proper growth and nutrition.  When selecting where to buy your next tortoise for sale, be sure to pick the best tortoise farm and tortoise breeders!

African Pancake tortoise breeders – Supplements

Using a calcium supplement as well as a multivitamin and mineral powder for reptiles is recommended.  Here at the tortoise Source, we make a 50/50 blend of Vionate and Calcium with D3 and dust our tortoise food twice a week.

Baby Pancake tortoise care

Caring for an African pancake tortoise for sale is like most other species of tortoise care.  Baby pancake tortoises need higher temperatures, less temperature gradients and require daily 10 minute soaking periods.  Baby pancake tortoises should also be fed the same diet as adults.  Basic care like humidity, temperature, diet, habitat and other things are discussed here in our pancake tortoise care guide.

Pancake tortoise Lifespan

African pancake tortoises live anywhere from 50-100 years like most species of tortoises for sale.  In the wild, Pancake tortoises are known for having flexible plastrons in order to survive bring dropped by predatory birds.  These birds will try to “pluck the pancake” from their cave and drop them from high above in order to break the shell of the tortoise.  Amazingly, over the years, the pancake tortoise has evolved to have a flexible plastron which enables them to survive many of these drops!

African Pancake tortoise size

Pancake tortoises are a small tortoiseSmall tortoise species like the African pancake tortoise only reach sizes of 6-8″ at full maturity.  Saying your pancake tortoise is a tiny tortoise is actually a true statement, when compared with most of the shelled kingdom.




We have some beautiful captive baby african pancake tortoise for sale available.  These little guys and gals are eating very well and are as active as their colors are vibrant.  African pancake tortoises make fantastic pet tortoises for young and old alike.  They are easy to care for and great for beginners as well as experienced tortoise keepers.  When purchasing a african pancake tortoise for sale or any tortoise for sale it is imperative that you choose an experienced pancake tortoise breeder or keeper selling healthy animals.  Baby african pancake tortoises for sale are top quality and as healthy as they are beautiful.  We pride ourselves on selling only top notch tortoises, ready to ship to you via FedEx Overnight in an insulated box with heat or cold packs as needed and come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  One shipping charge covers up to 3 tortoises.


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