Nicaraguan Ornate Slider




Nicaraguan Ornate Turtles are possibly the most durable of all turtles. Nicaraguan Ornate Sliders are pretty – but are considered strong survivors at all costs. They have a colorful mix of greens, yellows, and black circular patterns, and they are the turtle equivalent of armored tanks.

An excellent starter/first turtle, they’re fine by themselves or are perfectly at home in a community tank with most other similar sized turtles. We start ours out on pellets and greens but they will also take fish, meat & worms and they can learn to eat from your hand very quickly.

In nature, Nicaraguan Ornate Sliders come from a very limited range in Costa Rica and Nicaragua where not surprisingly, they share the water with Lake Nicaraguan Sharks. There, it is their pretty shell that gets them in trouble as they are collected both for their meat and their brightly colored shells – famous for their decorative circular patterns. As adults they make fine warmer pond turtles giving even the biggest raccoon reason to move on…

As hatchlings and adults, these are one pretty and tough turtle– one that makes turtle keeping very easy.