Ouachita Map Turtle




Our Adult Ouchita Map Turtles are large 6 – 8 inch females. They do very well in deep ponds with lots of shade and sun. They get along with nearly all larger pond turtles and soon become accustomed to their keepers. They love romaine lettuce and other greens, pellets, and occasionally cut fish and earth worms. They do fine in colder northern states, and need deeper, mostly shaded ponds in the south. A fine all around pond turtle, their description follows:

One of the small headed Map Turtles, the Ouachita Map Turtle is found in swift rivers and silt bottomed lakes from Texas and Louisiana north to Ohio and east to Kentucky. Ouachita Maps love to bask, and often pile several turtles high to share the same basking log. With colors from ranging from light gray to deep brown, this very pretty map turtle has many color variations.

Ouachita Map Turtles are true omnivores – eating vegetation, cut fish and insects. Ours readily take pelleted food, romaine lettuce and occasionally crickets, cut fish or earth worms.

An ideal turtle for beginning keepers, Ouachita Maps stay small, quickly become very familiar with their keepers and their tanks; and get along very well with most other turtle species. This active little turtle is a fine choice as either a first turtle – or as a community turtle.