Southern River Cooter




In the Southern U.S, from Virginia to Mexico, there are many species and subspecies of Cooters. The ones we breed are the Southern River Cooter – formerly the Mobile Cooter. We chose this type of Cooter because they are extremely friendly and they make excellent community turtles. They grow slowly and often develop lots of pretty orange on their shells as they mature…

Southern River Cooters are mostly vegetarian, they like some current flow but don’t necessisarily need it. They have no problem with deeper water, and they do very well inside with UVB lighting or outside in a garden pond in warmer temps. Our hatchlings are very well started, our yearlings & two year olds are ready for just about any water turtle set up. Whether for a tank or a pond, Southern River Cooters are very outgoing and almost always in plain sight & visible. They are a great turtle to keep by them selves or with other species.