Spotted – Legged Wood




Spotted-Legged Wood Turtles are a pretty, mid sized wood turtle native to ponds, marshes, large rivers and coastal swamps of Venezuela, Guiana, Brazil and Trinidad Island. True semi aquatic & omnivorous turtles, Spotted-legged Woods, readily consume a wide variety of plant and animal food both on land and in the water. Ours take pellets, any kind of produce we offer, worms and even fish.

Typical of South American Wood Turtles, Rhinoclemmys punctularia (their scientific name) lays one or two oversized eggs. The top photo shows our very first hatching. Hatchlings emerge from their eggs very well started and feed in the first week. Adults are black with bright red head markings and very brightly colored gold spotted leg and neck markings. Juveniles have the same brilliant colors, but hatch out with a more turquoise colored shell.

Just like most wood turtles, Spotted-legged Wood Turtles are highly intelligent and friendly, very adaptable, they get along with most species, and love to bask. This species is not bred very much in the US, so you won’t see them available very often…