Translucent Hypomelanistic Common Snapping Turtles




Here’s a Hypo Snapper like no other. It has lots of orange and yellow coloring – but it also has translucent white and red – and even bluish/purple skin pigments. This Snapper’s jaws and claws are a bright white, and it’s hands and feet are purple/pink – with orange fingers and toes.

Looking down from the top, it’s head is a ghostly white, with translucent purple down the neck and a pink tipped nose. It’s perfect shell is light colored, and it’s tail has a ridge matching it’s shell, with pinkish yellow sides and an orange bottom.

Holding this 2.5 inch 85 gram turtle in your hand, your first impression is leucistic – especially with it’s black/blue pupils – then you look at the translucent pink and purple that seems to be everywhere on this turtle, and you’re reminded of Caramel Pink Albinos… What ever it is – it is a truly unique Snapper, who’s many colors fade into each other, and continue to intensify as it grows…

Please note that California and Washington state do not allow Snapping Turtles to be kept by individuals – so we can not ship Snapping Turtles to those states with out special permits.