Yellow Mud Turtle




Here is the friendliest and most personable of all the mud turtles…Once commonly available, Yellow Mud Turtles are now very difficult to find due to prudent collecting restrictions and the declines of wild populations, Yellow Mud Turtles (Kinosternon flavescens) range from Mexico through Texas and into several other states. Easily one of the prettiest of all the muds, Yellow Mud Turtles do well in both tanks and ponds.

In the wild, Yellow Mud Turtles eat insects, crustaceans, mollusks, amphibians, fish and plants. Juveniles consume a greater percentage of protein foods than adults. Ours readily take pellets, cut fish and beef heart.

This handsome species prefers quiet waters, with soft bottoms. Their yellow to brown shells are smooth and rounded. To escape temperature extremes, Yellow Mud turtles readily burrow into mud or sand – making adults fine outdoor pond turtles in moderate and warmer climates. Unlike other muds and musks, they can easily be seen in garden ponds as well. Also a fine tank turtle, Yellow Mud Turtles are quite active and get along well with most other species of mud and musk turtles. With adults only reaching about 6 inches, Yellow muds are easy to maintain and fascinating to keep. Considering their diminishing availability, setting up a breeding group would be a rewarding project for serious keepers.